M.A.T. 1010 Designer Comments
The MAT 1010 is our latest IRC design using the lessons learnt over many successful custom and production IRC designs.  Combining good looks, all-around performance, and a comfortable deck and interior layout the MAT 1010 has already proven itself on the racecourse with wins in the UK, France and the Mediterranean.  Built to a very high standard by MAT as the follow-on to our successful MAT 12 the 1010 allows a dedicated racer to focus on winning in IRC, or a family who enjoys performance cruising as well as a bit of racing to have the best of both worlds. 
The target for the 1010 was to ensure strong performance across all wind strengths and angles.  The lead bulb under the optimised deep fin produces the stability required for good performance in a breeze, while the narrow waterline beam ensures she is a strong performer in light airs as well.  With a tall swept-spreader non-overlapping rig flying masthead spinnakers the downwind performance in all conditions is excellent. 
Available with either twin wheel or tiller steering, the separation of tiller from rudder stock allows the helm feel to be uniquely optimised for the driver.  Mills Design looks forward to assisting owners and sailmakers to optimize their boats for the conditions they race in.